Advantage 400 Half Mask Series

With the exclusive Inspectra® Laser spectroscopy detector from Gazomat™ (France) and optional GPS and Mapping system, the Inspectra® VSR offers unique performances:

• Total selectivity to methane – no incorrect measurement can occur due to the presence of hydrocarbons, exhaust gases or other pollutants.
• 1 ppm sensitivity with the High-Tech laser diode and multipass cell of the Gazomat™ Laser system.
• Survey speed up to 50 km/h or 30 mph for a significant increase in productivity.
• The shortest response time in the market with approx. 1.5 second.

The technology represents also a major breakthrough in relation to safety. It eliminates the need for hydrogen on board, thus supplanting Flame Ionisation detection.

The Inspectra® software developed by Gazomat™ is an incredibly user-friendly interface.

• Monitoring of instrumentation is fully automated – calibration, gas line tests..
• The system integrates a whole set of both audio and visual alarms.
• The system is operated from an on-board laptop PC. Methane concentrations are displayed on screen and recorded in the system’s database along with the vehicle’s speed and eventual comments of the operator.

Finally, the combination of the Inspectra® and the optional GPS and mapping system is the “Nec plus ultra” for gas network survey.

• The GPS receiver offers unique GPS coverage. It gives the longitude and latitude position of the vehicle along with the gas leak detected.
• The information collected can be fed into a map processing system (SIG). By downloading digital maps in the Inspectra® System, the operator visualises the vehicle’s position on the map displayed on screen.
• The combination of survey data and digital maps meet the traceability requirement of an increasing number of gas distribution companies.

With the Inspectra® vehicle and its various options, gas operators now have a highly reliable tool for optimum survey of their low and medium pressure networks.

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