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MAP Gas Analyzer CO2/O2 – Standard Discrete Test
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Bridge Analyzers manufactures a series of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) analyzers. They are used for the measurement of the head space gas in gas flushed food packages. These include residual oxygen, trigas mix for case ready meat, carbon dioxide (CO2) mixes and elevated levels of oxygen. The hand held units can be used in the lab or on the production packaging line. Bridge MAP gas analyzers assist in achieving maximum quality assurance. They are key tools in the process of extending the shelf life of fresh cut, food and meat products. Bridge Analyzers have been proven in the field for over 15 years giving our customers peace of mind that head space gas components will be accurate and reliable every time.

The modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) gas analyzers use two measurement methods for food packaging gas analysis: NDIR for carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) gases, and chemical sensors for oxygen (O2). These are standard methods used to measure these gas constituents.

The Bridge MAP CO2/O2 Analzyer measures residual oxygen (O2) in Nitrogen purge packaging applications. Test for low levels of oxygen (O2) using the high resolution measurement of head space gas at levels less than 2% O2. Also measures carbon dioxide (CO2) additions to head space gas mixtures in applications including fresh cut produce and food applications.

Measures elevated oxygen (O2) levels in cases where oxygen rich atmosphere packaging is implemented. Test for up to 100% oxygen using this Bridge Analyzer MAP gas tester.

Measures high percentage carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in cases where applications demand up to 100% CO2 gas mixtures. Test for up to 100% CO2 using this Bridge Analyzer MAP gas tester.

CO2 process gas fill and MAP Residual O2 measurement.

CO2/O2 balance for natural respiration process evaluation.

Sealed for Harsh Environments – Industrial NEMA-4 Design.

Cordless Operation – Single or Double Shift Internal Battery.

Simple and fast – Single button CO2 and O2 in 15 Seconds.

Stable, Trouble-free Infrared CO2.

Customer Changeable Self-Calibrating E-C O2 sensor.

Small (6″x3″x3″), lightweight (2.5 Lbs), and rugged.

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