Vinacode is an environment and Lab Equipment company, founded in 2013, providing specialist expertise to tackle technological issues facing clients over a large range of work in the water, environmental and lab equipment in industrial sectors.

At Vinacode, we recognize that client organizations operate in an increasingly global market where competition, technology, expertise, customer service and cost-effectiveness are the predominant determinants in successful business development. Vinacode meets all these requirements by providing a high quality service at a budgeted cost. Our experience is combined with the latest available technology, extensive training and experience to guarantee absolute client satisfaction.

What We Do

Water | Environment | Industry | Lab equipment | Online mornitoring

How We Do It


Vinacode people are dedicated to ensuring that every client is well served. Our highly skilled field engineers are recognized UK-wide for their innovation, responsiveness and flexibility.

Innovative Service

Innovative Service is at the core of our business activity. It’s how we continue, meet and exceed our commitments.

Industry Expertise

We deliver compelling value propositions that demonstrate we understand our clients business and have deep expertise in their industries.

Benefits to our Clients

By focusing on value, our clients and our resources, Vinacode has become a significant provider in the provision of services, solutions and technology in the water, environmental and process industries. Unparalleled service and performance, interpreting customer’s needs before they arise and providing innovative solutions on time have ensured our success.