Alphasense Launches Novel LED Technology NDIR Sensor for CO2

The Span Labâ„¢ Cal Cart introduced by Kin-Tek Laboratories, Inc. (USA) integrates the elements of a gas standards generating system for creating complex, trace concentration mixtures into a convenient, roll around unit that can be easily moved between various analyzer stations.

The Cal Cart is designed around the Kin-Tek 491M Modular Gas Standards Generating System. A system with up to six modules can be installed in the cart together with supporting dilution gas cylinders. Internal battery power is available to minimize the time required for moving and start-up at each different analyzer station.

NIST traceable permeation tubes are used to dispense the analyte vapors for blending ppm and ppb mixtures. The Cal Cart can be configured with up to six independently controlled permeation ovens. This allows generation of very complex mixtures, or to have several different span mixtures instantly available. Additional features such as secondary dilution to give wide concentration range from a single permeation tube, and humidification of the final mixture to simulate ambient air are available. The system can be used with over 400 different compounds.

The portability of the Span Lab™ Cal Cart saves space and greatly reduces the cost of providing high quality calibration gas throughout the laboratory. The unit can be stored in an out-of-the-way location, but maintained in “standby condition”, ready for instant use.

The Cal Cart is ruggedly constructed for industrial service. It is made of polypropylene and metal surfaces are epoxy powder coated, so it is suitable for service even in clean room facilities. Typical application areas include calibration for sulfur and oxygenate compounds in olefins production, calibration for contaminants in food grade CO2, and calibration for airborne molecular contaminants in semiconductor fabs.

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