Biogas Check Gas Analyser Upgraded in Response to User Requests

Hazard detection specialist Groveley Detection (UK) has supplied a combined gas, flame and smoke detection system to Centrica’s Kings Lynn power station.

Groveley was consulted about designing a system to detect flammable hydrogen gas build-up in the battery rooms at the site, which is one of the most efficient gas power stations in the UK.

The Dorset-based company designed a central gas detection system, using it’s own catalytic hydrogen detectors mounted at roof level – as hydrogen is much lighter than air – plus optical smoke detectors coupled with Simtronics infra red/ultra violet flame detectors.

Nigel Lock from Groveley said: “It was unusual to supply a combined system to an onshore installation; it resembled a smaller-scale version of the multi-detection systems we supply to offshore installations.

“To accurately detect burning hydrogen gas, you cannot simply use infra red detectors alone, because when hydrogen ignites, it burns with a clear flame which cannot be seen. But the Simtronics combined infra red/ultra violet flame detectors will detect an invisible instantly and reliably.”

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