Confined Space Entry Gas Detector

Powerful suction to extract landfill gas for maximum power generation is increasing negative pressures within landfill sites.

Widely experienced in the USA, reported in Australia and anticipated in UK, Geotech has been quick to respond to customer calls for a more powerful pump for its landfill gas GA2000 analyser and gas extraction GEM2000 gas analyser. It has selected, site tested and now announces as standard fit, a new, site-proven pump which restarts and samples easily against a 370-millibar vacuum. That improves analyser flow rates and keeps sample times short despite strong negative pressures in some landfills. As landfill operators seek to maximise future gas extraction, production, potential earnings, ROCs and carbon credits, negative landfill site pressures are expected to become widespread on larger landfills.

In a further move to meet customer requirements and help reduce sample times, on non-extraction sites, Geotech has improved the free-flow rate of its gas analyser pump from c.350ml/min to a minimum of 550ml/min.

Speaking enthusiastically about its landfill gas analyser pump upgrade, Steve Billingham, managing director at UK-based Geotech said, “Our new high-performance internal gas pump helps future proof our market-leading GA2000 and GEM2000 gas analysers for all landfill site operators globally.”

In its gas extraction-monitoring analyser, the GEM2000, Geotech has made additional improvements to its internal calculation of landfill biogas energy potential to suit market demand for ‘dry gas’ data, especially in the USA for Geotech parent company Landtec. This is another Geotech rapid response to continually developing customer requirements in the fast-moving, worldwide waste-to-energy sector.

Geotech is also delighted to have incorporated customer suggestions for padding its landfill analyser carry straps to be more comfortable for users. To help ensure easy and correct connection, Geotech has adopted a customer idea for colour coded in-flow and exhaust ports to match semi-transparent coloured tubing. Further welcome customer ideas have made user replacement of the water trap much easier. This in turn reduces user-owner operating costs while adding increased analyser performance, speed and efficiency to future proofing.

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