Exd Connectors Now Available In Stainless Steel

GSG Mess- und Analysengeräte (Germany) has entered into an exclusive sales and marketing arrangement for the distribution of the VOC-ident systems manufactured by AppliedSensor.

VOCmeter is a cost-efficient routine optimised sensor system. Instead of a modular design, now 8 QMB (quartz micro balance) sensors are combined with 4 MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) sensors. Highlights of this electronic nose system are the low dead space in the measuring chambers and the optimised electronic measuring equipment. It can be combined with commercial sampling systems such as headspace autosamplers, purge & trap units or thermal desorbers.

The VOCmeter is particularly suitable for use as a screening tool for online quality control in the food, plastic, textile, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It is ideally suited for quality control in detecting off odours and residual solvents.

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