Fence Electrode Technology or Humidity Compensation?

Gas detection meters were used to measure the amount of natural gas that had leaked into scores of homes and businesses in a North Carolina town.

Emergency crews were forced to visit residents of Glenwood Avenue in Kingston after the natural gas line they had been working on in the area broke.

Debbie Harris, who was working at the company Right Temp when the breakage occurred, was one of several individuals who reported not being able to smell any gas in the air.

“We just got out when the fire-fighters told us to get out,” she said.

People were permitted to return to their buildings once the leak had been secured and the gas was deemed to have dissipated.

In related news, the largest refinery in southern Germany, Bayernoil, installed gas detection cameras made by Swedish firm FLIR last month for use in the companys leak detection and repair programmes.

Written by Lauren Steadman

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