Fibre Photonics Wins 2010 Business Excellence Award

Anaerobic digesters are being used increasingly on sewage works at water utility companies. By their very nature these plants require hazardous area classification. Process biogas measurement, the implications of the hazardous area classification and choice of equipment used are often new subjects in sewage works.

That’s why Hitech Instruments (UK) is currently arranging a series of free technical seminars at water utility companies around the UK. A typical seminar lasts less than half a day covering “Anaerobic Digester Biogas Monitoring in Hazardous Areas” and “Electrical signal interfacing requirements in Hazardous Areas”. The seminars are intended to educate relevant personnel on the impact of ATEX requirements when sourcing and installing equipment for use on anaerobic digesters/CHP plants in sewage works.

Hitech Instruments is a UK manufacturer of process gas analysers including the successful, ATEX certified GIR5000 designed specifically for biogas applications. MTL Instruments is an international leader in signal interface equipment for hazardous areas. MTL Instruments is itself now part of Cooper Crouse-Hinds, a global leader in hazardous area solutions. Together they present a wealth of expertise in this field.

The GIR5000 can measure methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen or hydrogen sulphide. All the sensors have been designed to measure wet, corrosive biogas samples continuously. In particular, the unique hydrogen sulphide sensor design (patent pending) can measure continuously at 2000ppm with a typical lifetime of more than one year.

Hitech is always pleased to advise on additional sample conditioning options in addition to those which are standard on the analyser.

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