Gas Control Panel Now SIL 3 Approved

Laboratories that use liquid nitrogen, rooms with MRI scanners, cryoplants and industrial freezer tunnels are just a few of the places

where oxygen needs to be monitored for health and safety purposes.

The G310 Oxygen Monitor from Hitech Instruments (UK) gives users complete peace of mind. The instrument is mains operated so there is no chance that you will be called out in the middle of night because a low battery has given a false alarm. The IP65 rated enclosure ensures that the unit is well protected in industrial environments. The remote sensor can be situated as much as 30 metres from the monitor, enabling a

number of laboratories to be monitored from a central location. Also in the 310 series for workplace monitoring are models for toxic and flammable gases. Amongst the toxic gases that can be measured are chlorine, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and hydrogen chloride. The F310 flammable gas monitor is calibrated as 0 – 100% LEL for methane as standard or for other flammable gases on request. Hitech Instruments have been specialising in oxygen measurement and gas analysers for over 25 years and take

great pride in the level of technical support they provide. New distributor enquiries are always welcomed.

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