Gas Detection Alarm & Control System

The new SF6 Gas Density Controller from AFRISO-EURO-INDEX (Germany) is suitable for the control of the gas density in SF6 gas isolated high and medium voltage switching installations, SF6 isolated converters and SF6 gas transformers. The controller is universally applicable to all SF6 applications and is suitable for both, indoor as well as outdoor installations. A special welding and crimping technique ensures absolute gas tightness and, additionally, makes the unit extremely robust. As the gas pressure in GIS installations, with the same gas density, is dependent on the gas temperature, a bimetal compensation has been integrated in the gas density controller in order to compensate for undesirable temperature influences. This guarantees a maximum of operational reliability. The controller is available in the measuring ranges -1/+5 bar or -1/+9 bar. The instrument fulfils its controlling tasks in environmental temperatures from -40 °C to max. 65 °C (and medium temperatures up to max. 100 °C) with a high degree of reliability and functional safety. The protection classification is IP 54 / 65 (EN 60529). The integrated limit level switch can be supplied either as a magnet-spring contact, as an electronic contact or an inductive contact. Remote transmission of the switching signal is via a junction box. The local on-site indicator (nominal size 100 mm) is filled with silicon oil and is supplied with either a G½B bottom or centre back connection. However, the unit can also be manufactured according to specific customer requirements, e.g. nominal size 63 mm, with or without filling liqud or limit level switch, with special scales or other connecting threads. The SF6 Gas Density Controller is for instance used in power generating plants, transformer stations, in mines, steel and rolling mills, in the petrochemical industry, car manufacturing plants, offshore and harbour installations, on drilling platforms, ships and airports as well as in hospitals and shopping centres.

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