Gas detection news: Shrewsbury explosion caused by suspected gas leak

MSA (Germany) has once again redefined the high performance multi-gas detector with the new ALTAIR 5. Capable of measuring up to six gases simultaneously, the ALTAIR 5 can be fitted with a wide range of both toxic and infra-red sensors, providing the flexibility required to meet most applications. There is even the option to have a diffusion instrument or one with a built-in pump.

The multifunctional alarms, MotionAlert and InstantAlert, are standard on the ALTAIR 5. When enabled, the MotionAlert with motion detector alerts anyone in the vicinity if the user is in distress with audible and visual alarms. The user can also alert anyone nearby with a 3 second button press, activating the InstantAlert alarm. The ALTAIR 5 comes with the proven high performance triple alarm system, 24 hour bump test checkmark and comprehensive data-logging facility as standard.

On top of this ALTAIR 5 can offer the Wireless USB option that allows the integration into the alpha Personal Network. This monitoring and alarm system consists of modular and wireless components. These can be individually integrated to enable those wearing breathing apparatus and portable gas detection equipment to be easily monitored by sending information to a central control station. Gas readings and alarms can now be transmitted and displayed in real time.

Gas concentrations and other data can be seen at a glance via the full graphical monochrome display or the optional high resolution colour display which provides simple yet comprehensive information instantly and can be customised with a company logo.

The rechargeable battery provides up to 15 hours of continuous operation from a charge time of up to six hours. With reliability a key factor, ALTAIR 5 has an extremely durable rubberised housing for water and dust ingress protection [IP 65]. An intuitive three button operation ensures the ALTAIR 5 is extremely easy to use even when wearing gloves and the 18 pre-programmed languages further enhance its user acceptance all over the world.

The versatile ALTAIR 5 can be configured for individual requirements to suit a myriad of applications in and beyond the following industries: oil and gas, chemicals, steel and iron, utilities, fire service, waste water, civil engineering and contractors.

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