Gas Detection Sensors Include Wireless Technology

The new Remote Gas Calibrator for the IR400 Infrared Point Gas Detector from General Monitors (USA) simplifies the time-consuming process of performing combustible gas detector calibration tests and checks.
Some gases are lighter than air, and for this reason it is common practice to install IR gas detectors in ceilings, ducts, and other spaces where gas accumulation occurs. Performing routine maintenance on these devices, however, is often difficult and requires scaffolding, ladders, or lifts to bring technicians to the detectors.
The new RGC-IR remote calibrator makes it much easier to calibrate remote mounted infrared gas detectors. It permits users to test and calibrate the IR400 and its predecessor, the IR2100, from as far away as 100 feet (31 meters). The RGC-IR does not affect sensor response, as evidenced by T50 response times of 6 – 7 seconds and T90 response times of 10 seconds and is suitable for operation at maximum air velocities of 13 meters/second (30 miles/hour).
The RGC-IR, along with the IR400 gas detector, is suitable for a wide range of applications including drilling rigs, compressor stations and refineries. Easy to install and use, the RGC-IR requires no electrical wiring or connectors.

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