Gas Flow Meter Provides Accurate Measurement for Landfill Gas Operations

A leading gas detection company has entered into a development contract with chemical detection technology company Owlstone Nanotech.

The subsidiary of Advance Nanotech, Owlstone claims to be a pioneer in the commercialisation of chemical detection products and has received a new contract from gas sensor technology company Alphasense.

Bret Bader, chief executive of Advance Nanotech, described Alphasense as a leading developer of sensors for industrial gas detection, stack gas analysers and environmental monitoring instruments.

“This development contract leverages the additional technologies in Owlstones internet protocol portfolio, which will lead to superior gas detection applications,” he said.

Alphasense is an independent firm which claims to have been founded in response to an overwhelming demand for better quality gas sensors from gas detection equipment manufacturers and end users.

In related news, Materials Handling World magazine recently reported that European company Univar is planning to install a gas detection and shutdown system which uses Pyroban technology on its forklift fleet.

Written by Claire Manning

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