Gas Sensor Evaluation Kits

SharpEye 40/40 Series Flame Detectors offer unmatched performance and reliability – including patented, IR3 (Triple IR) Multi-Spectrum detectors that enable detection of small fires at distances up to 65m, with enhanced immunity to false alarms. These highly specified detectors operate reliably in the harsh conditions of offshore drilling and production platforms, FPSO vessels, fuel loading and storage facilities, LNG and LPG plants and petrochemical plants throughout the world.

The compact and lightweight design (only 2.5kg in stainless steel) offers low-power consumption with a heated lens for continued availability in difficult environments – as well as the reassurance of many 3rd party approvals:

• FM 3260 and EN54-10 for Performance.
• IEC 61508 – SIL2 (TUV) certification to assure reliability.
• ATEX, IECEx, FM, CSA, GOST R and GOST K for Zone 1 / 21 hazardous area locations.

As a result, the warranty period has been extended to a full 5 years.

Spectrex 40/40 Series detectors incorporate an integral automatic self-test that checks the device every 15 mins to ensure correct operation. The 40/40 Series offers many interface options for maximum compatibility with all control and fire detection systems – including 0-20mA, dry relay contacts, RS-485 ModBus and HART.

The certified operating temperature range has also been extended. The detectors will now operate reliably in temperatures from -55ºC to + 75ºC (with an option for +85ºC) allowing their use anywhere in the world.

The SharpEye 40/40 Series includes the model 40/40I flame detector using the well-proven triple IR (IR3) technique, thus offering the highest immunity to false alarms combined with a massive 65m (215ft) detection distance for hydrocarbon fires with an enlarged cone of vision – 100º horizontal and 95º vertical.

The 40/40 series comprises many detection techniques to suit every situation including triple IR (IR3), Multi IR, combined UV/IR, single IR or UV. Thus, Spectrex can offer unbiased advice on which detector is the correct solution to your detection needs.

The 40/40 Series detectors are programmable allowing the user alter factory default settings. Sensitivity levels, response time, alarm delay, heated lens operation etc are all able to be modified where required, either pre-delivery or post-installation.

Various accessories are available to tailor to your environment and a long range Flame Simulator to allow full ‘end-to-end’ proof testing in the Ex hazardous area at distances up to 9m thus
avoiding the cost and inconvenience of scaffolding.

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