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Ion Science has recently introduced a double beam UV absorption mercury detection unit known as the Mercury Vapour Indicator (MVI). The revolutionary dual beam technology means the instrument does not saturate or require regeneration between readings – like the traditional gold film detection methods – eliminating instrument downtime.

Fast and accurate, MVI gives a real time response within just 3 seconds. Ready to detect instantly, MVI provides continuous readings and offers two detection ranges: 0.1 to 200 and 1.0 to 1999 microgram/cubic meter.

MVI utilises a high performance pump for fast indication and recovery. The instrument’s audible alarm and large digital display clearly indicate the levels of mercury present.

Ergonomically designed with simple, one handed operation MVI is the ideal survey unit for rapid, accurate mercury vapour detection. Robust portable and fixed options are available.

Target applications for MVI include manufacturing, recycling and fluorescent lamp processing plants, mining, petroleum, bioremediation, hydrocarbon and refining.

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