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How to determine greenhouse gases by gas chromatography
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Ecosystem respiration, and the respiration of soils and water bodies receives increasing attention worldwide. Targeting novices, this fourth in a series of five introductory videos, shows in easy steps how to start.

We start with 1) a short repetition of sampling GHG gases through an interface (video 3) of the closed dynamic chamber system SEMACH-FG (video 1) – and how to store and transport your samples safely. We then 2) show you step-by-step those aspects of gas chromatography and its operation that are absolutely vital for you as a user. Reading the system manual (here SRI) is always a must-do and supervision by experienced personnel is highly recommended at the start.

You get to see 3) spectra, calibration curves and hwo to read that – again this is only a primer to help you get started. Finally, 4) we do make you aware of quality control necessities.

At the end, information is given on the four other videos.

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