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How to Work Safely with CO₂ Incubator | Cell Culture Do’s and Don’ts | Esco Scientific
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A well-maintained CO₂ Incubator will ensure the integrity and quality of your cell cultures. Here are some safety tips to keep your equipment working optimally:

1. Never leave the CO₂ incubator’s door open during normal operations. Prolonged door openings expose the inner chamber to room contaminants.
2. Ensure proper spacing between samples.
3. Observe adequate ventilation around the unit. Allow proper heat and gas dissipation around the incubator, but do not place the unit directly in the path of moving air currents.
4. Do not place the unit near flammable materials or devices that produce excess heat to avoid temperature fluctuation of the unit.
5. Never place the unit directly on the floor to avoid contaminants from entering the chamber.
6. Follow the required room temperature and humidity indicated on the user manual for the proper functioning of the equipment.
7. Ensure that the unit is connected to the correct power source to avoid electrical hazards.
8. Install a 2-stage gas pressure regulator on the unit’s gas tank to prevent over-pressurization of gas supply into the CO₂ incubator.
9. Avoid contact with CO₂/N₂ gas while working around the unit.
10. Never use chlorinated tap water when filling a humidity pan. Chlorine deteriorates the stainless-steel components of the incubator and tap water leaves scale build-up on the humidity pan.
11. Check UV lamp functionality within less than 10 seconds only to ensure minimal exposure to UV radiation.
12. Troubleshooting of the unit must be done only by qualified service personnel.
13. Remember these safety tips and work safely with a CO₂ Incubator.

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