Ion Science Exhibit at OSEA

Ion Science has won a recent project for TVOC for the detection of Vinyl Chloride (VCM) within a confined space area. Installed within Analyser Houses at Solvay, Belgium, TVOC is being used as part of

a safety review to protect workers from potentially hazardous VCM gas leaks.

Solvay have a number of Analyser Houses with on line GC monitors analysing process streams. TVOC provides ongoing, continuous monitoring of air quality inside the Analyser House detecting possible leaks

from the GC monitors or surrounding pipe work. The 4-20mA output triggers an audible and visual alarm giving a warning indication averting workers from entering the confined space. TVOC has reduced the

need to issue a permit for entry reducing manpower, in turn generating long-term cost savings.

Ideal for this type of application, TVOC provides ATEX approved fail-safe operation and an easy interface for Sovlay`s Analyser House monitoring system. In addition TVOC is simple to install and maintain with no pumps to service and offers low power consumption.

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