Ion Science Launch New Transportable Hydrogen Flux Monitor

New gas detection systems have been introduced by a company that claims to be one of the pioneers in delivering innovative sensor solutions to serve industrial, energy, environmental, and government safety markets worldwide.

The new fixed toxic gas monitoring solutions, brought in by RAE Systems, include the RAEGuard sensor module and three scalable controllers.

Jesper Jensen, the fixed products manager at RAE Systems, said that when combined with the companys wireless semi-permanent solutions such as MeshGuard, the new grouping of hardwired toxic and flammable gas detectors provides the firm with innovative product lines that give cost-effective options to existing clients as well as new markets.

“Our S-series fixed monitors give users the advantage of smart sensor modules that can be remotely calibrated and connected to our wireless network,” he said.

Such systems might in future be used to help prevent tragedies such as that reported by Ansa last month, in which two workers died after inhaling toxic gases at a wastewater plant in Italy.


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