Meeting the Landfill Gas Challenge

With a highly responsive ultraviolet (UV) flame sensor and advanced

signal processing, the new high-temperature FL3111HT UV Flame Detector from General Monitors (USA) operates in temperatures up to 125ºC (257ºF), which makes it suitable for use in demanding process and

plant environments. To achieve the FL3111HT`s high temperature rating,

the instrument features a uniquely designed UV flame detector and

electronic components that operate with very low power consumption

to reduce detector self-heating.

The highly responsive FL3111HT senses flames only in the UV spectral

range, which allows it to recognize a flame within 100 milliseconds.

For superior reliability, the FL3111HT`s design features continuous optical path monitoring (COPM). The FL3111HT`s COPM circuitry self-checks the optical path integrity and electronics once every minute to ensure proper operation. This self-diagnostic feature helps ensure the FL3111HT`s sensor window is clean and ready tomonitor potential flame conditions.

The FL3111HT is designed for use in a wide range of applications.

Its high reliability, superior performance and rugged packaging make it

suitable for use in electric power generation, gas turbines, generator sets, natural gas compressor stations, solvent extraction and other chemical processes, drying applications and paint spray booths in large

automotive and other manufacturing operations.

The FL3111HT`s electronics are integral within its stainless steel explosion-proof housing, allowing detector information to be processed at the point of detection. The electronics are fully separated from the Exe wire compartment, offering protection during installation and service. The FL3111HT has a 4-20mA stepped output.

The FL3111HT is compatible with the General Monitors 02A-series cards, which allows it to be integrated within a complete gas and flame safety monitoring system. The detector has ATEX approval and the CE Marking.

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