Multi-Gas Detector for O2, H2O, CO and Combustible Gas

GAZOMAT™* S.A.R.L. will introduce shortly the Eco INSPECTRA® survey vehicle. The vehicle complements the INSPECTRA product range developed by GAZOMAT™ for natural gas distribution network surveys.

The purpose of the Eco INSPECTRA vehicle is to provide gas pipeline operators with a simple, easy-to-use tool that can survey pedestrian areas not accessible to traditional survey vehicles.

The Eco INSPECTRA offers all the performance and functionality of the traditional INSPECTRA network survey vehicle (VSR) created by GAZOMATâ„¢ but in a much
smaller size:

  • Equipped with the exclusive INSPECTRA analyser integrating a high performance laser diode and multipass cell, the measurement system of the Eco INSPECTRA provides 1 ppm sensibility and total sensitivity to methane.
  • Air sampling proceeds through 4 suction hoses fitted at the front of the vehicle viaan additional pump. The system is supplemented by a hand-held sampling rod which the operator will also use to check gas meters while remaining seated.
  • The whole measurement system is controlled by the new NGS Network Survey software.
  • The GPS Tablet System consisting of a rugged laptop PC and an efficient external GPS receiver provides real-time visualisation of the survey mission. Using the customer’s proprietary maps, the NGS software ensures total traceability of the survey, with an automatically generated report at the end of each survey.
  • Powered by a 24 V electric engine with an operating range of 40 kms, the vehicle makes it possible for the survey operator to work an entire day without reloading batteries.
  • Stable, comfortable, and easy to drive, the Eco INSPECTRA device reduces the survey team to the sole operator, for significant gains in operating costs.

Combining the latest GAZOMATâ„¢ network survey innovations, the Eco INSPECTRA vehicle is a cost-efficient alternative to on-foot detection in areas not accessible to the traditional VSR.

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