New Detector for Oxygen Toxic and Combustible Gases

Many device manufacturers are switching from expensive gas sensors to the low-cost Metal Oxide Semiconductor sensors (MOS). e2v offers a wide variety of MOS sensors: CO, Dual VOC, NH3, NO2 and O3. The latest sensor used to detect ozone is the MiCs-2610 device it is a unique sensor ideal for low cost ozone measurement. This unique sensor design utilises a highly sensitive semiconductor manufactured on an automotive production line for outstanding quality and performance.

e2v’s MOS sensors are easily capable to detect and measure combustible and pollution gasses in parts per billion (PPB) and are suitable for many environmental, automotive and industrial applications worldwide. It is critical that the correct application is understood when using these types of sensors, to ensure the best performance is obtained. To ensure the sensor is optimised for best performance contact one of the e2v support engineers for application advice. To learn more about e2v’s MOS sensors visit

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