New gas detection solutions launched

ORBISPHERE – Latest Techniques in Gas Measurement

HACH LANGE launch 2 new ORBISPHERE products for the beverage industry.

The ORBISPHERE M1100 Oxygen Sensor is ideal for all oxygen sensitive processes. Now with LDO technology to offer a more convenient way to measure ultra-low dissolved oxygen concentrations.
The ORBISPHERE M1100 provides significant operating and cost savings:

  •  Optical technology eliminates membrane and electrolyte to minimise maintenance
  •  Accuracy in ppb oxygen measurement for effective process control
  • No polarisation
  • Lowest drift, fastest response and annual calibration

The ORBISPHERE 6110 Package Analyser is ideal for rapid checking of oxygen in-take or carbon dioxide loss at the critical filling stage.
The ORBISPHERE 6110 is ideal for truly simple package analysis. Key benefits include:

  • Minimise product waste with rapid, at line analysis
  • Real time troubleshooting for optimum filler performance
  • Self-calibration and automatic sensor validation
  • Single button operation, no sample preparation
  • Robust design without liquid circulation for minimal maintenance and maximum uptime

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