New Infrared Gas Transmitters

Ion Science`s GasCheck 5000is was recently selected by PSL Energy Services to test pipeline leakages of major oil and gas companies. Based in Singapore, PSL are a leading provider of wells, pipeline, and process services for global customers including Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil,

HHI, Keppel and Daewoo.

Chosen to replace PSL`s previous gas detection technology, GasCheck 5000is provided proven key advantages in terms of speed and accuracy. Whilst PSL`s previous instrumentation took up to 5 minutes to produce a

result, the GasCheck 5000is gives fast, precise readings for the smallest of leaks.

PSL`s previous instrument also required a number of sample cables and was found to be “bulky” in size, unlike the lightweight, portable

GasCheck 5000is.

During offshore leak test procedures, the oil stream is shut off and the lines purged with a helium and nitrogen mix.

The joints and flanges are then sealed using polythene bags.

After waiting for a short period of time, the GasCheck nozzle is

placed into the bag to take a reading. GasCheck 5000is provides the operator with a fast, accurate result of the leak concentration present.

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