New IR Sensing Combustible Gas Detection System

The Ion Science GasCheck 5000is was recently chosen by IKM Testing for its proven accuracy, portability and ergonomic use during the detection of helium leaks at a petrochemical plant.
Its precision allowed the rapid detection of helium leaks from stem packings, fittings, flanges and seals. Handheld and easy to use, GasCheck provided fast readings and required no hoses back to a stationary unit. Its mobility around the system during operations proved to be a significant advantage. IKM Testing is a major supplier of inspection, testing, cleaning and mechanical
completion services, to both the onshore and offshore petrochemical industries. Part of their business is the provision of nitrogen and helium leak testing, which is carried out on any pipeline or process system during the construction of new plant or equipment.

GasCheck is the only ATEX approved gas leak detector of its kind, designed specifically for the search and location of flammable gas leaks. Its Intrinsic Safety rating makes it a suitable tool for use in areas that are classified as zone zero flammable, and ideal for use within the petrochemical industry.

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