New Manual for Gas Detection in the Refrigeration Industry

Using a Spectrex Flame Simulator is the only sure way to perform a full functional test on your SharpEye Flame Detectors and system. It avoids the cost of scaffolding or supports to access the detector as it is able to test at distances up to 29ft (9m) from the detector location.

Spectrex Flame Simulators (certified EExd for Zone 1 hazardous areas) emit electromagnetic radiation in a unique sequential pattern recognizable as fire by the specific SharpEye Flame Detector model. This allows the detector to be tested under ‘real’ fire conditions without the associated risks of an open flame.

Most Spectrex optical flame detectors, including UV, UV/IR, single band IR, Triple and Multi band IR types, etc., have automatic integral self-tests (BIT) to check window cleanliness and sensor operation. However, the automatic self-test only partially checks the operational readiness of a detector as the actual alarm outputs are not activated (and rightly so as these tests are performed every 15 minutes).

Using an external, portable Spectrex Flame Simulator is the best means to perform a full, functional “end-to-end” test of the Detector and the Fire Protection System without the need to start a real fire (which is not permitted in hazardous areas and can be dangerous in non-hazardous areas).

The Spectrex Flame Simulator is the only non-hazardous and safe method to test the flame detector’s sensors, internal electronics, alarm activation software, cleanliness of the viewing window/lens and wiring integrity.

Importantly, it will also functionally test the flame detector’s critical alarm outputs, whether relay contact activation, 4-20mA alarm output, RS-485 ModBus digital output or HART, the detector and system’s wiring terminals, cabling and its connections.

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