New Multi-detector

The nitrous oxide monitor PROTOS from Con.Tec Engineering, is an instrument able to measure in a vary sample way the concentration of N2O present in operating rooms.

The monitor PROTOX is a compact instrument which can easily be set in the most suitable place.

It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery with 8 hours autonomy.

The instrument is equipped with an analog output which can be sent to a recorder or a PC which, with suitable software and hardware, will display the measured concentrations both in graphic form and in table form with a contemporaneous storage of measured values for eventual subsequent data processing.

This instrument can be used also as N2O leak detector for discovering the eventual leaks of this gas from gas distribution circuits and from anaesthesia equipment.

Technical features Measuring principle: infrared Measuring range: 0 – 1000 ppm Power supply: internal rechargeable battery (8 hours autonomy)

Reading: digital in ppm Output: analog 0 – 1 V DC Response time: 3 seconds Precision: 5%, Calibration stability: 5% in 12 months

Dimensions: 216x268x115 cm Weight: 3,2 Kg

The instrument is supplied complete with the following accessories

• Internal rechargeable battery

• Battery charger

• Probe

• English instruction manual

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