New Rugged and Reliable Four-Gas Detector

Honeywell (UK) have announced the launch of Vertex M, a cost-effective and flexible toxic gas monitoring device designed to deliver 8-24 points of detection.

Vertex M is optimised for use in a variety of locations, providing the capability to deliver physical evidence of a gas release, using the industry’s most sophisticated “proof of detection” technology, Honeywell’s Chemcassette®.

With a small and flexible design, which provides 8-24 points of detection, Vertex M also offers a comprehensive communications platform (LonWorks, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Modbus Plus, DF1 and 4-20mA compliant), making this device ideally suited to both standalone use or integration into an existing system.

“Vertex M offers all the same benefits as the original Vertex model but comes in a smaller format”, said Steve Forrest, Strategic Marketing Leader (EMEAI) for Honeywell Analytics. “This device delivers enhanced sensitivity and flexibility at an affordable price. Ideal for standalone use or integration into an existing system, Vertex M is a versatile device suited to a wide range of hi-tech industries.”

Vertex M has the capability to monitor over 40 toxic gases down to ppb levels (parts per billion). This device also offers flexible configuration options and allows for the integration of one to three Chemcassette® monitors or one Chemcassette® and one pyrolyser unit. For additional ease of integration, Vertex M is also capable of operating on 110V or 220VAC power.

The unit’s size is also another key benefit; Vertex M provides a small footprint suited to integration into almost any size area. Despite its small size, Vertex M can effectively monitor large spaces, with sampling points being situated up to 120m (140ft) from the device.

Like its larger predecessor, the award winning Vertex, this device offers sensitivity with minimal cross-interference to other gases (compared with gas detection technologies available).

Vertex M is also optimised for ease of operation and low-cost ongoing use; simplified user interface and increased diagnostic and event logging capabilities, make this device simple to use. This, coupled with the fact that Vertex M requires no calibration and can be configured without taking the unit off line, ensures the maximum uptime of equipment. Additional peace of mind is also provided by the device’s fail-safe back up system, which
uses built-in redundancy to ensure the Vertex M still keeps monitoring even if the data acquisition PC fails.

Its ability to provide tangible evidence of a gas release, using Chemcassette®technology, makes Vertex M suited to a diverse array of applications including semiconductor fabs, photovoltaic, pharmaceutical, LED and nano-manufacturing plants and research labs. Although optimised for use in hi-tech settings, Vertex M is also ideally suited to a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications including chemical, oil and gas, printing, plastics and fibres and agriculture.

Vertex M uses Honeywell’s patented Chemcassette® technology. This principle is able to deliver tangible evidence of a gas release using special chemically impregnated paper tape. If a gas release occurs, the paper reacts to the specific gas, leaving a stain on the paper relative to the gas concentration. This proof of detection technology can fulfil insurance requirements and prove safety compliance and support other safety/legal documentation. Chemcassette® provides up to three months of continuous, trouble-free monitoring. For added convenience, gas samples can be split to more than one analyser.

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