New Versatile Toxic Gas Detectors

IRNET is the base of the new family of infrared sensors developed by N.E.T. (Italy). Using a patented optical cavity combined with latest NDIR technology the result is a high performing, robust sensor for Hydrocarbon and Carbon Dioxide monitoring with an estimated lifetime of over 5 years. The wide operating temperature (-40 °C to 50 °C) and low power consumption makes it suitable for fixed gas detection instruments. It is designed to fit most instrument makers in the standard 20mm and 32mm diameter sizes.

IRNET is available in two versions: the “dummy” 7 pins version, IRNET-7, that provides a “raw” signal (active – reference) and an internal temperature signal or the “intelligent” version, IRNET-P, with incorporated signal linearization and temperature compensation, suited for manufacturers without any specialist knowledge in IR technology. The IRNETP sensor contains all the necessary optics and integrated electronics that you need in order to provide a user-friendly analogue (voltage or dynamic pellistor) standard output. Both IRNET-7 and IRNET-P are available for hydrocarbon detection, including methane, in % LEL and % volume and for CO2 with detection level in ppm, low % volume and high % vol.

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