New Zone 1 Gas Detector for the measurement of inline gas applications without sampling systems

Conventional gas detectors mostly transmit their measured values via a 4-20 mA output. While such data has to date frequently been further processed locally by means of special gas warning units, nowadays many users want to query their measured values online or evaluate them with their own systems.

That is why J. Dittrich Elektronic (Germany) has developed a WebConverter that converts the analogue measuring signals from up to three detectors into digital signals using Modbus TCP/IP protocol. Since both the measured value is output and the power supplied over the Ethernet (PoE), the WebConverter is connected to the downstream device with a patch cable. The WebConverter has its own web server as well as a MAC address. Using configuration software, it is therefore possible to configure the WebConverter from a PC and integrate it in the Internet or subnet. The data can be stored in a text file in the PC using logger software and then, for example, imported into Excel, thereby allowing the user a large degree of flexibility.

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