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The IR700 is E2V Technologies’ (UK) new Infrared gas sensing head for the detection of hydrocarbon gases and is designed as a direct replacement for EX certified pellistor heads.
The incorporated smart electronics can allow the direct replacement of pellistor heads in an already installed gas detection systems, with the minimal amount of effort.
In certain difficult applications pellistor heads can be
troublesome and unstable, the IR700 enables the replacement
of the pellistor sensing heads with a more reliable IR sensor,
thus improving the system to have a lower cost of ownership with long sensor life. All this is available without the need to reinvest in a new electronic system.
The IR700 sensor head can detect a wide range of hydrocarbon gases and vapours to LEL levels. Full temperature compensation is included and a pre-programmed algorithm to give linear outputs for Methane, Propane and Ethylene. These options can be addressed externally and reconfigured according to your requirements. Certified ATEX II2GD EEx d IIC T5 and UL 1203 standard Class 1,Div 1+2, Groups A, B, C, D. (Data Sheet available on request).

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