Revealed – How Power Plants Can Better Monitor Their Emission

AMETEK Land, one of the leading innovators in combustion and environmental monitoring equipment, reveals in its latest engineering brief how power plant operators can benefit from opacity monitoring systems to verify that they are compliant with global and national emissions limits.

The brief, which is available at, outlines how power-generation plant operators must measure either particulate matter (PM) and/or opacity, and monitor and report measurement results to ensure compliance with current regulations.

In general, opacity and PM measurements only are required on processes that burn coal, oil and waste materials, not gas-fired applications. The brief looks at the benefits of AMETEK Land’s opacity monitoring system, versus light-scattering PM measurement technologies.

“Opacity measurement has proven to be a robust and reliable method for measuring emissions or smoke and particles from combustion sources”, said Derek Stuart, Global Product Manager at AMETEK Land. “That is why it is important to understand the factors that are needed for an accurate measurement”.

AMETEK Land’s 4500 MkIII Opacity Monitoring System meets all US and European regulations, and operates to the ASTM D6216 standard, which opacity monitor manufacturers use to certify conformity with design and performance specifications. In addition, AMETEK Land is available to advise customers on complying with complex underlying regulatory rules and to provide annual calibration of its 4500 MkIII system.

AMETEK Land ( is a business unit of AMETEK, Inc. a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices. AMETEK Land designs and manufactures a wide range of instruments for industrial non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental monitoring.

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