Static Gas Analysis from Landfill, Water Treatment and Biogas

The Gas Detector Tube System is a long-standing technology. It’s accurate. It’s simple to operate. It is used across a wide range of applications and industries worldwide.

Sometimes, a straight-forward, tried and tested product really is the best solution for gas detection.

• Lightweight, compact and easy to carry

• Simple to operate for all personnel

• An accurate reading obtained in a few minutes

• Can be used in flammable atmospheres

• Needs no calibration or power supply

The Komyo Kitagawa Gas Detector Tube System is a cost-effective spot

gas detector sampling system, offering over 300 gas detector tubes from

Ammonia to Xylene.

Typical Applications
Health, safety & industrial hygiene: measure the presence and

concentration of harmful gases and vapours in any working area.

Fire & explosion prevention: detect combustible gases leaked and

generated in workplaces and mines.

Process control & impurity analysis: where gases are used as raw

materials, impurities in the gas can be measured to prevent

deterioration of product quality.

Air pollution control & indoor air quality: determine a range of flue

gases, vehicle emissions and the efficiency of ventilation systems.

Criminal investigation & measurement of breath alcohol.

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