Testo 350 MCERTS approved Emissions Analyser

Crowcon (UK’s) Vortex range of multi-channel gas and fire detection control panels has been extended to include an ATEX* certified Exd Flameproof version, the Vortex FP, which can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Capable of monitoring up to 12 gas detectors, the Vortex FP is also compatible with smoke/heat and flame detectors and up to three of its input channels can be used for fire detection. Each channel has one fault and three alarm levels which can be combined to trigger up to 32 output relays, allowing connection to a range of external alarms and safety devices such as fans or valves. Intrinsically safe (IS) safety barriers can also be incorporated for use with IS gas or fire detectors.

Sealed to IP65, the Vortex FP features simple push button operation and visual status indicators for each channel, ensuring that the system can be checked at a glance. Its display is also fitted with magnetic switches which enable the system to be interrogated or inhibited without opening the system enclosure.

For easy maintenance, the Vortex FP is modular in design so that replacement parts can be plugged in without the need for complex rewiring. It can be customised to meet all site requirements without the need for complex cabling and can also be reconfigured at any time by a PC using dedicated software. In addition, RS-485 Modbus communications allow for remote non-intrusive calibration and configuration.

Other variants of the Vortex include a standard wall-mounted control system; the Vortex Rack, a 19” rack-mounted system; and the Vortex Panel, for panel-mounting. Crowcon’s engineers can advise on the Vortex configuration most suited to a particular application. The company’s Project Engineering Team can also supply custom-built systems to match individual requirements.

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