The Toughest CGI on the Market

Ion Science, leading manufacturers of advanced PID technology now provide a complete series of FirstCheck+ multi-gas/PID instruments

with enhanced performance and user flexibility for the detection of

volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The superior software features of the FirstCheck+ give significant user

benefits including data logging, TWA/STEL averaging, and detection

capabilities down to ppb levels.

The instrument’s unique ability to be upgraded throughout the entire

FirstCheck+ range provide the flexibility to add-on extra features as

required. The upgrade process utilises the bi-directional IRDA link built into the unit, which communicates with a similarly equipped laptop

with proprietary ION-pc software.

Upgradeability is made easy – a base unit can be upgraded all the way to a ppb unit without being returned to the factory.

The range of FirstCheck+ multigas/PID instruments combine photoionisation detection (PID) with traditional multi-gas sensors for

oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide and explosive gas detection. The highly sensitive PID enables the detection of many gases that are toxic at low ppb levels and undetected by other VOC multi-gas instruments. Traditionally two or three instruments are needed to ensure

workers’ safety – FirstCheck+ has it all covered in one handheld detector.

Like all Ion Science PIDs, FirstCheck+ incorporates patented Fence Electrode Technology that eliminate typical high humidity issues

encountered by PID technology since its introduction. Drift and high

backgrounds have been dramatically reduced, even at extreme ambient

humidity levels.

The latest range of Ion Science FirstCheck+ PID instruments provides

the environmental chemist, first responder and industrial hygienist

alike with increased reliability, productivity and optimal performance

in the field.

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