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Why SmartShrink Rate Tester?
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Output the shrinkage rate in 5 seconds, speed up the shipment.

The camera of SmartShrink automatically collects the dimensions between the marked points on the fabric sample before and after the washing, then the software automatically calculates and outputs the corresponding warp-weft shrinkage rate in 5 seconds. The SmartShrink can complete a large number of shrinkage calculation every day, thus the textile enterprises can make faster decisions and speed up the shipment.

More reliable test results
Visual inspection algorithm, more accurate, especially in large batch testing, can effectively avoid manual deviation, which is meaningful for getting more reliable test results.

Output multiple data at one time, reflecting the quality of fabric more comprehensively and objectively.

Multiple shrinkage related indexes (such as warp and weft shrinkage, seam twist, vertical twist, diagonal twist, etc.) can be output at one time, useful to evaluate the quality of the fabric more comprehensively.

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