World Smallest Pump Provides Utmost Safety for Gas Analysis Instruments

To save you time and money, the HQd probe for BOD calibrates in less than one minute. With no membranes or electrolytes to replace and no electrodes to polish, the BOD probe requires little maintenance. The probe is designed for use with the HQd plug-and-play meter, which can take up to two simultaneous measurements of pH, conductivity, temperature, DO or BOD.

Use a single HQd meter and interchangeable IntelliCALâ„¢ probes for quick, simple, and reliable measurements. Easily monitor parameters like pH, conductivity, oxygen, sodium, conductivity, and DO. The new BOD probe an easy-to-use system perfect for BOD dissolved oxygen analysis.

  • Low Maintenance
  • No membranes, no electrolyte solution or anode to polish
  • One-year sensor cap life
  • One or two-point calibration
  • Calibration history stored in probe
  • Faster response time
  • Automatically capture results with sample ID and user ID
  • Customised settings
  • Real time data logging

One stop for BOD analysis, including chemicals, buffers, glassware, standards, and free expert consultation

Plus, you get the usual outstanding service, technical support and training that HACH LANGE is known for.

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