AD Biogas Leak Found in Minutes During Demo

Sensidyne (USA) now releases SensAlarm Plus for sale. Customers have come to appreciate SensAlarm as a complete single point gas monitoring system contained in an easy to install package. This well-received product offering is now enhanced by the addition of a new product based on the SensAlert Plus platform.

The release of SensAlert Plus presented the market with gas detector advancements that simplified installation, use, and maintenance. SensAlert Plus is a single transmitter that offers Test-On-Demand and Predictive Sensor Failure features, in addition to accepting oxygen, electrochemical, catalytic bead or infrared sensors.

SensAlarm Plus is an all-in-one gas detection system for monitoring oxygen, toxic and combustible gases. The system provides a large LED display of gas value and a backlit LCD displaying system settings, data review, sensor information, and visual and audible alert annunciators. SensAlarm Plus is available with single or dual strobes and comes standard with a loud audible annuciator. A battery back-up option provides power to the unit in the event of power failure for up to 60 minutes in standard monitoring or 30 minutes in full-alarm mode.

“SensAlarm Plus is the ideal single point gas monitoring system for a wide variety of gas types using numerous sensor technologies,” said Sensidyne Vice President Glenn Warr. “Our SensAlarm product achieved great success when first released; the advancements in SensAlarm Plus offer many additional advantages that save customer’s time and money while even further increasing reliability. Typical users of this product include iron and steel mills, industrial gas users, research and university laboratories, and water and waste treatment facilities.”

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