Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Sensors Selected to Eradicate Hospital Superbugs

Apollo Fire Detectors (UK) is bringing a range of eight new base-mounted flame detectors to the market, combining high performance with a compact design into a unit suitable for most land-based and marine applications.

The devices’ Class 1 performance allows them to quickly detect 0.1m2 flames at a distance of 25m (EN54-10), and they can rapidly detect all types of flames – including those from a hydrogen source, which are invisible to the both the naked eye and some alternative flame detection systems.

The devices are available in intelligent and conventional versions which fit into Apollo’s popular Discovery, XP95 or Series 65 bases, and are suitable for use in both marine and land-based fire safety systems. A choice of detection methods is available to suit the application, with single UV, UV/IR2 combined, and IR3 variants on offer. Single UV distinguishes between flames and most other sources of radiation, which the combined UV/IR2 also does in addition to filtering out most sources of false alarms such as arc welding and flickering sunlight. The IR3 is typically unaffected by dust, dirt and other sources of false alarms, as the detector can still operate effectively even with the lens partially obscured.

Installation is made quick and easy with a special bracket and integral Deckhead Mounting Box, and full compatibility with the Discovery and XP95 protocols ensures that this range of high-quality flame detectors is suitable for almost any situation where flame detection is important.

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