An Ideal Solution to Tracking Gas Leaks

To meet the growing demand for static gas analysis, Geotech (UK) is launching its new, remote and wireless static gas analyser, AEMS (Automatic Extraction Monitoring System). AEMS auto-analyses gases including;CH4, H2S, O2, CO, CO2 then auto-transmits secure data

via the Internet. This enables producers to demonstrate compliance when working with landfill gases, anaerobic digesters making biogas from water-treatment sludge or food waste or coal-bed methane. AEMS aids

digestermanagement and gives CHP engine protection through H2S monitoring. It is used globally for CDM/carbon credits verification.

At United Utilities, using the Geotech AEMS equipment on sludge digesters, Colin Greenhalgh, wastewater treatment specialist, said, “We placed our order with Geotech. It arrived on time it was exactly what we

expected and paid for which is excellent.

Geotech are passionate about what they do. We are very pleased.”

At UK biogas research specialist, Greenfinch, researcher Becky Arnold said, “Data readings every thirty minutes from the static biogas analyser enhanced our depth of knowledge and understanding of digester

behaviour and response. It transformed data acquisition.” Greenfinch used Geotech’s™ AEMS equipment in a potato trial in a pilot-scale digester at its research facility in Ludlow. “Once commissioned by Geotech their equipment ran faultlessly. When we had queries, support from Geotech was excellent,” she said.

Based onGeotech’s™ 18-year history with its tried and tested portable gas analysers. The static AEMS installations use the same proven

gas analysis technology. In timed, automated cycles AEMS monitors and analyse gases, store data, auto-purge and calibrate itself.

The data arrives with full security at a producerâ„¢s Internet screen anywhere.

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