Carbon Dioxide Detectors Keep Workers Safe in Italian Winery

Geotech has achieved UKAS accreditation for its calibration lab for its full range of landfill, biogas and waste to energy gas analysers. According to its UKAS assessor, “Geotech is the first manufacturer of portable gas analysers to obtain UKAS accreditation.” For Geotech gas analysers, already with MCERTS certification for the instrument, this important UKAS accreditation gives Geotech analyser users the most comprehensive externally audited and verified performance endorsement available for a manufacturer of portable gas analyser calibration.

The UKAS accreditation is to ISO17025 and involved a rigorous examination of the Geotech calibration system and procedures by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. Regular independent audits by UKAS will confirm that standards are maintained. This accreditation further ensures that analysers will be accurately calibrated every time that they are returned to Geotech and gives users the assurance that they are obtaining accurate readings.

Speaking from Geotech’s Leamington Spa-based UK HQ, managing director, Steve Billingham said, “This highest of quality standards confirms Geotech at the forefront in offering our customers the top quality equipment, service and calibration compliant with the most recent and most demanding standards. It reaffirms our unique position as the high-quality supplier in this market with UKAS and MCERTS.”

Complimenting Geotech on its achievement, Mike Brennan, Environmental Risk Manager, at SITA (, said, “We congratulate Geotech on reaching this very high and demanding standard of quality. We have been discussing our need for it for some months and Geotech has responded excellently to our requirements. We need to show our achievement of these demanding levels of professionalism, quality and compliance and it is essential to have a manufacturer and supplier to assist in that.” He added, “This fits very well with our own accreditation which enables us to continue to demonstrate our data is continually reliable and of the highest quality.”

As part of the UKAS accreditation Geotech has upgraded its calibration gases to the most accurate available, which will give an improved calibration for all customers. Geotech UK personnel also assisted their parent company, Landtec in the US to achieve the same ISO17025 accreditation. Geotech and Landtec can now offer ISO17025 accredited calibration certification globally.

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