Smart Single-Gas Detector

Detcon’s (USA) Model 880-N4X is a PLC based control and alarm system designed to monitor and control multiple gas detection sensors and other field devices.  The main system is programmed as a Modbus master with two options available; the Model 880S-N4X for up to 32 addressable field devices, and Model 880A-N4X for up to 72 analog devices via Detcon’s DA4 Modules (4 channels per module; up to 18 modules). Both system options are completely field configurable and do not require the support of a PLC programmer or engineering services.

The Model 880-N4X features a touch screen that is used to access system menus including configuration, utilities, and alarm history. The main screen displays the current reading and alarm status of up to 8 field devices with tabs to navigate to additional screens. A USB port is located on the back of the unit for expanded alarm history and data logging in high-density applications.  


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