Chlorine IT Toxic Gas Sensor Module

A gas detection company has hired a marketing executive to be its new vice-president of global marketing.

Bill Jackson will now be in the employ of RAE Systems, which states it is a leading provider of products including disposable gas detection tubes, single gas personal monitors, wireless gas detection systems and radiation monitoring networks to protect environmental health.

A former vice-president of product marketing at semiconductor intellectual property supplier ARC International, Mr Jackson believes his new firm has an excellent chance of capturing its market share of the profits by launching products as the economy begins to recover.

“RAE Systems is an industry leader in hazardous gas detection equipment and has been at the leading edge of innovation in the area of wireless toxic gas and radiation detection instruments,” he said.

Meanwhile, developments have also been taking place at other firms in the industry, with Alphasense recently entering into a contract with Owlstone Nanotech, which the companies claim will lead to the development of superior gas detection applications.

Written by Claire Manning

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