Flammable Gas Detector Tested by Micropack for Offshore Use

The new WATCHDOG Gas and Smoke Alarm GRM from AFRISO (Germany) monitors the air in rooms of enclosed buildings for inflammable gases and/or smoke. When a clearly defined level of gas or smoke is exceeded the control unit immediately signals a visual and an audible alarm. The operational state or the alarm state is also shown by LEDs at the sensors. WATCHDOG GRM can only be reset to its normal condition (no alarm, no fault) when the gas/smoke level has fallen back below the critical level thus providing the user with a high level of safety. The system offers maximum operational reliability and safety and monitors continuously the state of the entire alarm installation and also signals fault conditions such as sensor fault, short circuit or open circuit (between control unit and sensor). The gas and smoke sensors can be installed up to 150 m from the control unit. GRM is available in various versions as either a gas or smoke detector or as a combination unit for both, gas and smoke. A voltage-free relay output is provided for additional remote alarms. The WATCHDOG Gas and Smoke Alarm GRM is suitable for use with 230 VAC mains supply and for ambient temperatures ranging from 0 °C to 40 °C. The GRM system is easy to install, simple to operate and requires only a minimum of maintenance. GRM is for instance used in industry, in public premises, boiler rooms or cellars, storage rooms or offices and in domestic premises.


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