Combined Gas/Flame/Smoke Detection System for Power Station Supplied

Analox was recently awarded Tick IT certification, a quality management standard covering the development, supply and maintenance of software. It has also been recertified to the latest version of ISO 9001:2008, the internationally-recognised standard for quality management systems. It is now permitted to use both the Tick IT and ISO logos on its literature and website.

Mark Lewis, managing director of Analox Sensor Technology, said: “Now business depends on computerised systems which in turn depend on software for the effectiveness and efficiency. Any problem with software, from late delivery to malfunction, can affect a company’s credibility as well as costing it dearly. “The Tick IT certification lets our current and prospective clients have confidence in our products, and know that we will work with them to deliver what they require.” Analox was audited by SGS UK, the global leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification.

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