Great filters, greater service

Did you know Helapet Ltd are a manufacturer of bespoke inline disc filters, used for precise filtration and clarification of particulates in air/gas or liquids?

The Helapet range of bespoke or off-the-shelf inline disc filters are manufactured in-house by our highly skilled cleanroom team in ISO Class 7 rated cleanroom facilities, equipped with the latest machinery providing a quick yet accurate output.

Combining a variety of filter media including PTFE, HEPA, PES, WPE and Nylon with an extensive range of inlet/outlet connectors, our inline disc filters are used for a range of essential applications including equipment protection, sterile venting, particulate filtration and ink clarification.

Helapet use virgin polypropylene to produce filters that are low linting, clean and chemically compatible negating the use of adhesives or binders. Ultrasonic welding techniques and over-moulding maintains integrity, allowing our filters to withstand intense heat and pressure without the risk of bypass or compromising flow rates.

Consultation without compromise

For specific applications we offer our customers a chance to custom design and build their own disc filter. Our end-to-end consultation service ensures that each unique filter is manufactured to the exact specifications of the client before the final design is completed.

Using professional Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, our team will work with you to get the filter design approved and ready for production. We help to plan the filter structure and once signed off, the design immediately goes into our in-house cleanroom facility.

Give your filter that personal touch by adding your own company logo, product codes and lot numbers using Tampo printing technologies, helping to increase customer loyalty and brand recognition.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, supported by sending samples worldwide.

Hear what our customers have had to say:

“We have been impressed by the quality of the filters provided by Helapet. Deliveries and lead times have been very good. An additional benefit has been the level of support on a technical basis, advising of the materials to be used and the professionalism of the sales and engineering staff.”

Medical device manufacturer, UK.

By producing our filters to meet ISO 13485:2012 accreditation, we maintain exceptional quality standards offering individual packing and comprehensive testing within our cleanrooms. Our unique size and service allows us to produce low volumes at competitive prices with no minimum order quantity, from 100 to 10,000 units we can even produce trial samples.


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