PinAAcle Series: ENGINEERED TO PERFORM, BUILT TO LAST Atomic Absorption Instruments designed for fast, simple, reproducible operation

Conduct accurate, efficient single-element inorganic analysis on the most advanced AA instruments available. As the undisputed global leader in atomic absorption spectrometry (AA spectrometry), we offer state-of-the-art analytical capabilities through our PinAAcle” flame furnace and graphite furnace AA spectrometers.

  •  Our PinAAcle 500 flame AA spectrometer is ideal for laboratories needing a reliable, easy-to-use, yet high-performance flame AA.
  •  Our premier PinAAcle 900 series AA spectrometers integrate a wide range of technological innovations in the smallest flame/furnace packages on the market.

PerkinElmer’s PinAAcleTM 500 is a robust, fully-integrated, completely corrosion-resistant, flame-only benchtop system, ideal for laboratories needing a reliable, easy-to-use, yet high-performance flame atomic absorption (AA) spectrometer. It is designed to withstand the harshest environments and most corrosive samples. The PinAAcle 500 is equipped with an innovative touchscreen interface with the flexibility to operate via its easy-to-use Syngistix TouchTM software or the more comprehensive, optional SyngistixTM for AA Software.

Engineered with an array of exciting technological advances, the PinAAcleTM 900 series offers a variety of configurations and capabilities to deliver exactly the level of performance you need:

  •  Flame only, furnace only, or space-saving stacked designs featuring both.
  •  Flame, furnace, flow injection, FIAS-furnace and mercury/hydride capabilities on a single instrument.
  •  Choice of Deuterium or longitudinal Zeeman background correction.
  •  Workflow-based SyngistixTM for AA software offering both ease-of-use and exceptional flexibility.

No matter which model you select, you’ll discover an intuitive, highly efficient system capable

of simplifying your journey from sample to results-even with the most difficult matrices.

Experience peak performance and unmatched productivity by the leaders in AA. Step up to the PinAAcle 900 series from PerkinElmer

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