MX4 iQuad Portable Gas Detector

Gazomat™’s brand new detector of oxygen and toxic gases, the μGaztox™, is a pocket personal protection device designed for use by operators who may be exposed to hazardous gas concentrations in their workplace.
The instrument is smart in many respects.

• Small in size, it fits in the palm of your hand or can be conveniently clipped onto safety helmets, belts, straps or pockets.
• Easy to use thanks to its single control key offering a quick access to all functions of the instrument.
• Eight sensor options are available to suit a large variety of plants and fields of activity: oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, sulphure dioxide, chlorine, ammonia, Phosphine or Ozone.
• Easy to read with its wide LCD screen displaying very legible gas concentrations, alarm set points, TWA and STEL values and status indicators.
• Very resistant, it offers a rugged and impact proof elastometer housing with IP 67 protection, providing resistance to dust and brief immersion in water.
• Highly reliable : in addition to the ultra bright Led visual alarms, a 95 dB audio alarm as well as a strong vibration alarm complete the powerful alert system of the instrument.
• The fast-responding and high performance sensors have a two-year lifespan, as well as the highly efficient battery of the instrument. Sensor and battery are very easy to replace, thus placing the μGaztox™ among the few maintainable units existing on this market segment.

Smart, simple and reliable, Gazomat™’s μGaztox™ is professionals’ best friend as far as on-site safety is concerned.

GazomatTM is a company of T.D. Williamson, Inc., the world leader in solutions for the maintenance of pressurised pipelines.

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