Firm fined after toxic gas leak

With the new ALTAIR 4, MSA has developed one of the most rugged 4 gas detectors available. Extremely easy-to-use it measures O2, H2S, CO and combustible gas simultaneously. MotionAlert is a feature unique in

the world of portable gas detection and is available as an option on the ALTAIR 4. When enabled, this man-down alarm with motion detector alerts anyone in the vicinity if the user is in distress with a high visibility LEDs and a piercing audible alarm. The user can also

alert anyone nearby with a 3 second button press, activating the InstantAlert alarm. The ALTAIR 4 comes with a high performance triple alarm system, 24 hour bump test checkmark and comprehensive datalogging

facility as standard. The rechargeable battery provides 16 hours of continuous operation with a 4 hour charge time.

With reliability a key factor, ALTAIR 4 is features an extremely durable rubberised housing for water and dust ingress protection [IP 67]. A large numeric display allows users to view gas concentration, alarm conditions, battery status, set points and peak reading with accuracy and confidence. An intuitive 3 button operation ensures the ALTAIR 4 is extremely easy to use, even when wearing gloves.

The triple alarm system includes a distinctive 95 dB alarm, strong vibrating alarm and super-bright LEDs on the top and bottom to ensure visibility from all angles. A separate LED clearly shows the unit is

operating correctly by flashing every 15 seconds.

Simple testing of the detector`s alarms along with response to a known gas concentration can be carried out by the QuickCheck test station.

Alternatively, if a stand-alone automated record keeping, calibration, testing and charging system is required, GALAXY is the ALTAIR 4`s perfect companion.

The versatile ALTAIR 4 can be configured for individual requirements to suit various applications in and beyond the following industries: Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Steel & Iron, Utilities, Fire Service, Waste Water, Civil Engineering, Contractors.

All of the ALTAIR 4`s features provide the user with more confidence in a gas detector than ever before.

For further information about the ALTAIR 4 please contact your local MSA representative.

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